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August 20, 2014

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  • Highlight of my class:
    I really enjoyed making the pie crusts and also making the pastry cream. Both of those items will enhance my baking fun at home.
    Anything you'd like to share?
    I think Kelly does a wonderful job. She is personable, clear, takes time to explain why we are doing things as well as lays out options for how to modify the recipe or process.
    Could we make it better?
    No suggestions. I really enjoyed the class and will likely take additional classes in the future.
    rating 5 stars

  • Highlight of my class:
    These pie recipes were especially delicious, most notably the blueberry streusel!! Pie crusts were so buttery and flaky and easy to make.
    Anything you'd like to share?
    Chef Kelly was great giving us techniques for the best pies to make. Lots of practice for making crusts.
    Could we make it better?
    Nothing, all great.
    rating 5 stars

  • Highlight of my class:
    I just loved it. I am an experienced cook but a terrible baker so this gave me confidence to give pie baking a try.
    Anything you'd like to share?
    It was a very comfortable and cozy experience. Our instructor was a very competent person to be around.
    Could we make it better?
    Really nothing.
    rating 5 stars


Perfect Pie 102
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Price: $80.00 per person, plus tax

Would you like to be known for your perfect pie crust? Or the best tasting pie recipe? Well this could be just the right class for you. 

It is not just the filling that makes your pies special - sometimes it's the crust! Our Chef will show you how to create that perfect crust for all your pies as well as a few other techniques and styles in this class. You'll learn the secrets of rolling out the dough, blind baking it, graham cracker crust mixing, hand pies, and creating the various perfect fillings.

In this class you will make a Double Crust Apple Pie (very American), Blueberry Hand Pies and a Magnificent Chocolate Cream Pie with a Whipped Cream Topping and Graham Cracker Crust. 

After taking this class the Perfect Pie will be in your grasp.

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